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Giving Fertility A Hand - Featured on BFM

Fertility Associates founder Dr Richard Fishe featured on BFM covering the trends in fertility.
There are more than 7 billion people living on Earth now. Some of them were born to parents who were technically infertile and who would not know the joys of parenthood without the help of assisted reproductive technology. Dr Richard Fisher, fertility medicine specialist who introduced IVF to New Zealand, joins us in the studio to discuss the progresses in his field.

The Fertility Clinic in Malaysia to achieve international certification

March, 2015

Fertility Associates announced that they are the  fertility clinic in Malaysia to be certified to the International RTAC Code of Practice. RTAC is the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee Australia , which sets the standards for IVF clinic in Australia.

We are extremely proud to be the first clinic in Malaysia to gain this accreditation and bring international standards of fertility care to our patients” Says Dr Arasu, Fertility Associates Medical Director.

While RTAC is an Australian standard it is now being used outside Australia and New Zealand. RTAC certification is compulsory for clinics in Singapore, and there is interest from other counties too, with the first clinics in Thailand and Vietnam voluntarily seeking certification. The RTAC standard is very rigorous and involves extensive auditing of all of medical and laboratory processes. Auditing is done by the same professional auditors who audit the clinics in Australia, and they are accompanied by a technical expert with many years experience in IVF.

“There are many fertility clinics in Malaysia and it is hard for couples to know which one will give them the best chance to have a baby.” . “Internationally, clinics that have a higher standard of care and proven quality processes have shown to also have higher chances of success.”

The accreditation was voluntarily undertaken by Fertility Associates Petaling Jaya so that patients would know they are getting the same level of care as they would in Australia and New Zealand. “Currently there is no regulation or registry of fertility clinics practicing in Malaysia, meaning that patients don’t have the same the level of assurance that would in Australia, Europe or the USA” .

Fertility Associates’ new PJ clinic uses the same methods and approach as their New Zealand clinics and is a partnership with Malaysia’s Qualitas Medical Group. As the pioneers of fertility in New Zealand, Fertility Associates has 28 years experience and over 15,000 babies born through their clinics. “Developing a clinic with the same level of care and treatment as our New Zealand clinics has been our number one goal, and now we can demonstrate this with RTAC accreditation.” says Dr Richard Fisher, Founder of Fertility Associates’ New Zealand. “With a number of successful pregnancies already underway, our PJ clinic is on the road to becoming a leading fertility clinic in Malaysia.”

Having a baby is one of the most important decisions we make in life, yet having a baby sometimes needs help. Modern fertility treatment can now help almost every couple who is finding it difficult to have a family. In countries like Australia and New Zealand, 2 to 3% of all children born are conceived with the help of IVF.

If you have questions about your fertility Fertility Associates offers a  15 minute doctor consultation with Dr Arasu –Click here to book your free consult today

Dr. Richard Fisher, co-founder of Fertility Associates is in KL to visit FALS

Top Fertility specialist from New Zealand is visiting the FALS fertility clinic in Petaling Jaya to meet the lovely clinic team. To find out more about the clinic team at P. Jaya click here. 

Dr. Richard Fisher started IVF in New Zealand alongside Dr. Freddie Graham with the formation of Fertility Associates. Pioneers of IVF in New Zealand both Dr. Fisher and Dr. Graham are well recognised within Australasia as being leaders in the field. Fertility Associates continues to be the leading provider of IVF and fertility care in New Zealand with over 15,000 babies born through the New Zealand wide clinics. 

With excellence in New Zealand, Fertility Associates has now opened it's first clinic in P. Jaya, Malaysia. Following the guidance of the team in New Zealand, the P.Jaya clinic has already within the first 6 months of operation had it's first positive pregnancies and continues to impress their New Zealand counterparts.

Dr. Richard Fisher is incredibly impressed by the team, facilities and level of care at the P.Jaya clinic in Malaysia; expressing that it mirrors that of any New Zealand Fertility Associates clinic. 

To find out more about the treatment available at P.Jaya click here.

Fertility Awareness month 2014

FREE Fertility Q&A session

Are you wondering about your fertility? Come along to the session and find out what options and pathways there are to having a child.

In the spirit of Fertility Awareness month, Fertility Associates Malaysia is hosting a FREE fertility Q&A session with Dr. Arasu Muthusamy at our Petaling Jaya clinic on Saturday the 23rd August 2014.

Space is limited to 15 couples so book your seat quick!

To book please email: or FREE call 1 300 800 400.

FREE Semen Analysis and Female Hormone tests - Fertility Awareness month 2014

August, 2014

Fertility Associates is supporting Fertility Awareness month 2014 by offering a voucher for a FREE semen analysis and female hormone test*.

To download your voucher visit As an additional, Fertility Associates is offering a FREE doctor consult to help you understand your test results and to find the right pathway to a child for you.

To book your appointment at the clinic please call 1 300 800 400 or email:

Vouchers are valid for appointments made from now until 31 August 2014.
Vouchers must be redeemed by 31 December 2014. - See more at:®ion=7#sthash.Q8M0WRSt.dpuf

Vouchers are valid for appointments made from now until 31 August 2014.
Vouchers must be redeemed by 31 December 2014. - See more at:®ion=7#sthash.Q8M0WRSt.dpuf

Vouchers are valid for appointments made from now until 31 August 2014.
Vouchers must be redeemed by 31 December 2014. - See more at:®ion=7#sthash.Q8M0WRSt.dpuf

*Vouchers are valid for appointments made from now until 31st August 2014 and must be redeemed by 31st December 2014.

Vouchers are valid for appointments made from now until 31 August 2014.
Vouchers must be redeemed by 31 December 2014. - See more at:®ion=7#sthash.Q8M0WRSt.dpuf

Fertility Associates Petaling Jaya is celebrating its first positive pregnancies!

Internationally Renowned Scientist Visits our Kuala Lumpur Clinic

August 2014

Mathew Vermilyea (Tex) our Scientific Director from New Zealand is visiting the Kuala Lumpur clinic to help review and train KL staff to ensure that the international standards are being attained within the laboratory.

Mathew's first impressiosn of the clinic are that : "the facility is one of excellence and abundant room for growth"


Our New clinic in Petaling Jaya is now open!

April 2014

The New Zealand Herald releases a paper announcing the opening of our newly built and established Fertility Associates clinic in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur.

The clinic boasts brand new facilities and equipment and embodies all the same characteristics, principles and values as a New Zealand based Fertility Associates clinic. Leading the clinic is Dr. Arasu Muthusamy who is an fertility specialist trained in Oxford and at the New Zealand Fertility Associates clinic.