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Pregnancy Rates

Most clinics boost their apparent success rate by quoting pregnancy rate per transfer. This approach excludes cycles which do not have any embryos transferred, and includes pregnancies which go on to miscarry. It can make modest figures look much bigger. We believe it is important to report live birth rate, and for IVF that is live birth rate per egg collection, not embryo transfer.

Because  many people at Fertility Associates clinics now transfer one embryo at a time, the best approach is to show the chance of having a child from a single egg collection, including the use of frozen embryos if the woman does not become pregnant from the fresh embryo transfer.

Fertility Associates Petaling Jaya
Although we have only recently started  our clinic in Petaling Jaya, we are very happy with the pregnancy rate. Our Petaling Jaya clinic is run in the same way as our clinics in New Zealand so we expect similar results. Fertility Associates in New Zealand has amongst the highest birth rates in Australia and New Zealand. You can look up birth rates for our New Zealand clinics by clicking on this link.

In New Zealand, Fertility Associates likes to use at least 500-1000 cycles of treatment to calculate reliable statistics, but this will not be possible in Malaysia for some time. We will provide preliminary statistics once we reach 50-100 cycles.

Fertility Associates New Zealand has amongst the highest success rates in Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand Success rates