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We pride ourselves on delivering premier quality of care

Our quality systems are accredited against the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee International Code of Practice (RTAC) and ISO 9001.  These accreditation can provide you with a very high level of assurance that you can trust that you are getting an internationally reputable level of care.


While RTAC started as an Australian standard, it has become compulsory for clinics in Singapore, and leading clinics are adopting the RTAC International Code of Practice in South East Asia. Auditing is done by the same professional auditors who audit the clinics in Australia, and they are accompanied by a technical expert with many years experience in IVF.

Having a baby is one of the most important decisions we make in life, yet having a baby sometimes needs help. Modern fertility treatment can now help almost every couple who is finding it difficult to have a family. 

Fertility Associates was the initial clinic in Malaysia to receive accreditation to the RTAC international code of practice