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Your Biological Clock

Check your chances of having a baby and understand when you should see a fertility specialist

It's hard to know how long you can keep trying and when you should seek specialist help.The Fertility Associates Biological Clock app can help you identify your chances of giving birth at any given age and also indicate when it's the right time for you to see a fertility doctor. 

Click here to start the Biological Clock 

Move the sliders up and down to choose your age and the number of months you have been trying to have a baby. The Biological Clock will then tell you your chance of pregnancy leading to a live birth per month if you had no fertility problems and the chance if you had an IVF cycle at the same age. It also suggests when to seek help if you have been trying for months, with no success in becoming pregnant.

The Biological clock is also available as a free iPhone or iPad App. Search for 'Fertility Associates' on iTunes to download it.

Did you know that a 35 year old woman who has been trying for a year to get pregnant will have a 15% chance naturally and a 39% chance using IVF

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